All Saints Brownies

Brownies caters for girls between the ages of 7 and 10, although they can stay until their eleventh Birthday if they are not ready to progress.

While at Brownies the girls will learn lots of different skills that will prepare them for adult life.
The girls are encouraged to think for themselves and be involved in planning their meetings and in decision making.

Some of the activities that take place are, cooking, art work, craft, games, singing and music, caring for the environment, raising money for charity and keeping fit. This year we are planning to take the Brownies on pack holiday for a long weekend.

Brownies learn and say a promise that they will love their God, serve the queen and country and help other people. They must also commit themselves to keeping the Brownie Guide Law which is to do a good turn every day. They are also expected to attend church parades on approximately 5 occasions throughout the year.

Our meeting take place every Thursday during term time from 4.45 pm until 6.30 pm. Subscriptions are paid termly. If you would like to pop along to have a look for yourselves please do so. We are always looking to recruit new girls and potential leaders. You will find us very friendly and approachable.
The leader is Angela Hall, call her on 07709 859139 for more information.

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